Our online courses give you everything you need to know.

"YOUR LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES: STRATEGY & IMPLEMENTATION" is our simple-to-follow Signature Program designed to guide you through every step of the way, from designing a strategy to writing your documents and preparing for interviews. The program was developed for candidates applying for the EB2-NIW visa, for university programs, and for employment opportunities in the United States.

Launching Mid-March 2023!

How can we be so sure? Our many clients' success stories speak for themselves.

Did you know that if you have good knowledge of English, or a capable translator working with you, you can create powerful application documents yourself?

What is inside the signature program?

courses available individually or in sets.

These six courses will:

1. Guide you through the development of a strategy to reach your particular goals in the United States, including clear steps to get you there.

2. Introduce you to the pillars of American culture, especially the cultural values that make a candidate be respected and valued by those who stand between you and the opportunity you want.

3. Give you step-by-step guidance on how to prepare documents that show you and your accomplishments in the best light possible for the audience you need to impress.

4. Prepare you for the interviews you can expect after completing applications with high-quality documents.

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