cross-cultural intelligence

Not a luxury. A necessity.

Language knowledge without cultural competence is like having the ingredients for a fine meal without the recipe showing you how to use them. The chances of making something fantastic are slim.

We are the recipe!

We work with individuals and organizations who have a mission to accomplish in the United States

worms eye view of building during daytime
worms eye view of building during daytime

A highly-effective culture-based program that teaches you how develop your own documents to apply for the EB2-NIW Visa, for University Programs and Employment.

Hire me to write new documents or make document revisions (after approval) for the EB2-NIW Visa, University Programs, and Employment.

online courses


documents done for you
private interview coaching

Powerful confidence-building sessions that yield results. My unique approach has helped many clients get into the university programs and employment opportunities of their dreams.

We are changing lives!

Here is a sample

"Dr. Julia's mentoring was fundamental for my acceptance at the University of Massachusetts for my Bachelor's and at Harvard University for my Master's in Bioethics. When I arrived in the U.S., I barely spoke English. Julia believed in me and my vision, and guided me every step of the way."

Ausubel P., Bioethicist in Massachusetts

"I just saw that my case was approved! I'm so happy! Julia, your professional approach to my documents made all the difference!"

Deborah S., Cybersecurity Expert in Rio de Janeiro

"I loved working with you! Everything flowed perfectly and the acceptances are rolling in! I am so grateful our paths crossed. Thank you for everything!

Filipe P., Prosthodontics Resident in Ohio

"I want to thank you for the brilliant work! Truly impeccable!

Marcel F., EB2-NIW recipient in Florida

"I want to thank you for all your professionalism in the last few weeks. Your work went above and beyond anything I expected."

Luiz C.M., Implant Dentistry Specialist in São Paulo

"I am writing to thank you for all your support. and to share that I was just accepted into my dream program at UCLA!

Juliana N., Restorative Dentistry Resident in California

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