I was teaching at a college in the Berkshires, in Western Massachusetts, when someone asked if I could help them with some documents for a university application. I said "sure," not realizing that I had just opened the doors to a career transformation.

In the process of working with this first client, I learned that every single skill I had learned and used to become a Doctor in Anthropology was very useful in the real world too! From analytic skills to interviewing, developing questionnaires, taking ethnographic notes, and writing concise arguments, the skill set was all there. The market was thirsty for high-quality services and my insertion in it came easily. I left academia a year later and started juliakirst.com.

Dani Senger joined juliakirst.com in April 2021 as Operations Manager and has become an amazing colleague!

Over the last few years, we have created many ways to help real people solve real-life problems. It is an exciting work that changes lives.

We welcome you to become part of our story, just like we are ready to become part of yours!

Dr. Julia Kirst

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