If you would like to:

  • Help spread the word about the "Your Life in the United States: Strategy and Implementation" Program so that more people can take advange of it;

  • Have a coupon with your name that gives those who buy one or more courses 30% off;

  • Get paid 20% of every purchase made with your coupon.

If that is you, let's talk!

We are looking for bold people who understand the value of our signature program and want to help it reach others!

What our affiliates promote!

What you will do

All we expect from you is that you let your existing connections and/or new connections know about what we offer.

If you want to sell more, we can help you plan additional marketing strategies.

What we will do

When you begin, we give you a 30% off coupon with your name.

We also give you marketing material that you can use to promote the signature program or we will help you create your own.

After sales have come in, we pay you a comission of 20% for each sale made during the first week of the month following the sale.

How to start

Let us know of your interest by sending us a message HERE! We would love to meet you, and then set up the affiliate link for your use.

Or, if you are ready to meet, select your preferred day and time for a video call in our calendar HERE.

And, if you are not sure this is for you and just want to chat, that is fine as well. Send us a message HERE, and Dani will reach out to you to answer your questions!

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